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EDUC 6610 Module 2 Assignment 2: Module 2 Assignment 2

Review of the assignment

Your assignment asks that you conduct a library search for two articles from peer-reviewed journals on teacher professionalism. One article should be written by (or about) a historically significant educator whose work is still relevant today (consider individuals such as Charles Fisher, David Berliner, bell hooks, John Dewey, Jerome Bruner, Michael Fullan, Robert Merton or James Gallagher). The other article should be written within the last 5 years. Reflect on the content of each article.

Look through the instructions below to see how you can easily find peer-reviewed journal articles.

Sample search

Here's a sample search in our database called Education Source:

1. On the Library homepage, go to the Research by Subject button.


2. Click on Select a subject and choose: Education.

3. Click on the Education databases bar and select Education Source from the list.  If you have not done so already, you may have to login with your myWalden email and password.



4. Now you are on a search screen with three Search boxes.


In the top search box type: teacher professionalism


5.  Under the search boxes, click inside the check mark boxes for Full Text and Scholarly Peer Reviewed Journals.


6. To limit your results to the last five years, enter the appropriate years under Publication Date.



7. Click on Search to see the results

Search for an historical educator

You can search for articles written by the theorist by selecting the AU Author option from the drop-down menu to the right of the search box:


You can also select AB Abstract from the drop-down to find articles that are either about or by the theorist:

The abstract is a summary of the article so the main topics are mentioned there.  Searching the abstracts can be a good way of focusing your search.

Video demonstrations

Video: Keyword and Subject Searching

(3 min 23 sec) Recorded Jan 2016

Watch these videos to see sample searches in action:

Video: Sample Search in an Education Database

(2 min 29 sec) Recorded Aug 2016