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EDUC 6170 Week 3 Discussion: Week 3 Discussion

Historical figures in Education

For the Week 3 Discussion, choose two people from the Historical Timeline and find information about them in the Walden Library or on the Internet.

This guide covers:

Finding information about historical figures

Search Thoreau for people

Search our ebook collections

Finding information about historical figures

It can be difficult to find scholarly articles about people. Scholarly content tends to focus on research and issues in a field—not on the authors or practitioners themselves. Still, major figures in the field of education will have their ideas discussed and criticized, and there may be articles on the impact those ideas have had over time.

As you explore your two historical figures, keep in mind:

1. Scholarly is not the same as peer reviewed. Peer review is a rigorous process for evaluating original research. Scholarly content is merely content aimed at the scholarly community. You may want to try searches with and without the peer-review limit. Many books are considered scholarly, but not peer reviewed.

2. Websites are more likely to contain basic information for a general audience. You can increase the scholarliness of your results by looking at websites from educational institutions or by using Google Scholar.

Search Thoreau for people

Thoreau searches multiple library databases at once.

1. Enter the person's name in the Thoreau search box below to find items by and about a person:

(This search will open in a new window. Click back to this original window or tab for reference.)

2. If desired, use the options on the left to refine your results:

  • Change the date range.
  • Limit to Academic Journals (these are considered scholarly, but not all are peer-reviewed).
  • Limit to Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals.

3. Browse the titles for items of interest, and click them to see abstracts. Full text is linked nearby.

Thoreau Tip: For more results, uncheck Full Text on the left and click Search again. When full text is checked, Thoreau searches only about about half of our databases. With full text unchecked, you search significantly more.

Articles that are guaranteed to have full text will have a PDF Full Text or HTML Full Text link. If not, click the Find@Walden button:

It will check for full text in another database. We often have it!


Books are great for background information on topics, trends, people, and more.

Search for ebooks in the Library.