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EDUC 6155 Week 2 Application: Week 2 Application

Discover journals related to your interest

Your assignment for Week 2 asks you to use the Internet to identify a journal. You will then determine if the journal is scholarly, and locate it within the Walden Library.

The boxes below will walk you through these steps.

Note: Identifying a journal using Google can sometimes be difficult. You may need to try some of the alternatives outlined in the Discover journals on the web box.

Discover journals on the web

Even though only a few journals provide all of their content for free online, most journals will have a website. You can use Google to locate journal websites.

If you have trouble identifying journals using Google searches, you can also try Google Scholar. Google Scholar will find individual articles on your topic, and then you can use the result list to identify which journals publish frequently on that topic.

Search for journals using Google

1. Go to Google or another search engine.

2. Enter your topic of interest plus some variation on journal, like academic journal or scholarly journal or simply journal. Each will give you slightly different results.


  • community colleges academic journal
  • vocational education scholarly journal
  • online higher education journal

Google search box with the following typed in the box: community colleges academic journal

3. Scan the results for the names of journals. Some links will take you to journal websites while others will not. Distinguishing the difference by the website link title alone is difficult; you may need to click several links to find what you want.

See examples of Google results for journals.

You'll want to find the homepage of the journal. The homepage will include information about the journal that you will use to complete the assignment.

Identify journal names using Google Scholar

1. Go to Google Scholar.

2. Search using keywords for a topic. Your topic can be very broad (e.g. liberal arts colleges). You do not need to include words like "journal" or "scholarly," since this search is about finding articles.

3. Scan the results for articles on your topic. When you see an interesting article, note the name of the journal it was published in.

See an image of a Google Scholar results page.

4. Search Google for the journal home page using the journal name. See the Find a journals' website box for more information about this.

Special note about For-Profit Education Journals

Articles about for-profit higher education are published in general higher education journals. Articles about online for-profits often appear in online education journals. At present, there really aren't any well-known journals that focus exclusively on the for-profit sector. If this sector interests you, use the Google Scholar method above to see which general journals are publishing on the topic.

Find a journal's website

Follow these steps to locate the journal's homepage on the Internet.

1. Go to Google or another search engine.

2. Enter the journal title inside quotation marks to search as a phrase. Add the word journal if it's not part of the official title.

The journal you want should be near the top. If the journal name is generic, you may need to click a few results to find the one you need.


3. Once you identify the journal website, explore different sections to find the information you need (content and labels will vary from site to site). See your assignment for hints of what to look for. The Determine if the journal is scholarly box below provides more information.

Locate Journals

If you want to see if we have a particular journal, or you want to search in a specific journal, you'll want to use our Find a journal by title option.

1.  On the library website,  click on Journals button.

2.  On this page, you'll see our Find a journal by title box:

3.  Type the name of the journal and click search.

4.  Click on the Full Text Access link to see the database(s) that have it in full text and their coverage. 

Results for American Journal of Education Studies with Full Text Access opened to show databases that have that journal and coverage dates.

These are also the first steps you'll take to find a specific article, if you have the citation for it. You can see the steps outlined on our Find an Exact Article guide.

Note:  If you prefer, you can browse journals by discipline within the Library:

Determine if the journal is scholarly

The journal's home page should give you information about the journal, including the intended audience and whether it uses peer review.

If you don't find this information on the homepage, try looking around the journal's website. Many journals have pages with names like:

  • About the Journal
  • Editorial Process
  • Information for Authors

Learn how to verify peer review using the Walden Libary.

Comparison chart of scholarly, trade, and popular publications.