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EDDD 8011 Week 3 Discussion: Week 3 Discussion

Assignment Description

For this Discussion, you are instructed to conduct a search in the Walden Library and other scholarly sources for a court case depicting a contract violation by the educator or teacher, or the administration of the district.

The steps to find court cases in the Library are outlined below.  Try the following search terms:

Look up a Legal Case search by Topic -  Contract Violation

Search within results -  Teacher 

Finding Court Cases

One of the best places to search for court cases in the Library is in the Nexis Uni database.  Follow the instructions below to run your search:

1.  From the Library homepage, click on the blue Databases A-Z button.

2.  From the alphabet list, click on N and then scroll down and select Nexis Uni.

3.  You will be prompted to log in with your myWalden Portal user name and password, if you have not already done so.

4.  Once you are in the database, look in the Or let us help you find it... box.  Under What are you interested in? click on Cases. 

5.  Choose Federal Cases or State Cases.  If you chose State, type in the State you want to look through.

6.  In the About box, type in your main topic and hit search.

nexis Uni optional search with the following selected: Cases, State Cases, California


7.  You can narrow these results by searching for a concept in the Search within results box located at the top right section of the results page.  

Narrow by options search within results box

8. Click Go.  Do you see some cases that will work for your discussion?