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Library Webinar Archives: Health Sciences


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Doctoral Health Science Research

Health Science doctoral students need to know more than basic keyword searching in preparation for their dissertation literature review research. Whether you're still in your coursework or have already started your literature review, come learn how to get the most from the Library databases including PubMed as well as tricks for using Google Scholar. This Library Lab is intended for doctoral students in the School of Health Sciences.

Evidence-Based Health Research

This session discusses developing a research question using the PICOT method. It then goes over the levels of evidence in health research, what they mean in regards to quality, and where to find resources for the different levels of evidence.


You can learn more about doing evidence-based practice research on our guide:

Health Research about a Country for PUBH 8050 HUMN 8050 HUMN 6050

For your final project in PUBH 8050/HUMN 8050/HUMN 6050 you are asked to select a country and conduct research related to developing a health policy. Learn how to search online and in the Walden University Library for articles and statistics to back up assertions in your paper for the country you've selected. We will explore resources for country health statistics, which databases to search for articles, and effective keyword search strategies.

Introduction to Health Sciences Library Research

Learn about searching databases focused on the health sciences to find articles you'll need for course work or doctoral capstone work, keyword searching, how to find course readings, authoritative government websites, and sources for health statistics. This session can benefit any School of Health Science student in developing library research skills.

Transcript available upon request.

Medical Research: Finding Reviews

Review articles come in many forms in the medical literature and have varying levels of relevance related to the best evidence or summary of a topic. This session will discuss different types of reviews and cover how to find systematic reviews, integrative reviews and review articles in the library databases.

Medical Research: Finding Studies by Type

In medical research there are many different study types or methodologies for research articles. This session will define these different types of studies, their validity and relevance and how to find them in the library databases.

See also our guide on Searching for Evidence--Health Sciences and Nursing


Medical Research: Health Policies and Legal Cases

Medical practice has been greatly impacted by policy both recent and historically. Additionally, many legal cases have shaped these policies over time. This session will cover how to identify and find relevant policies and legal cases related to healthcare.

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Learn about search strategies and organizational tools and explore other relevant topics: