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Form and Style Review Process

The Form and Style Review is an official step in the doctoral capstone approval process. After the committee approves the completed doctoral capstone study, the URR will release it for review by the editors in the Walden Writing Center. The editors read through a large portion of the study for formatting and style, offering suggestions for revision to improve the writing and make sure that the document conforms to both APA and Walden specifications.

Spending 6-10 hours, editors will conduct a line-by-line edit of Chapter 1 or the introductory portions of Section 1, and then the first several pages of subsequent chapters or sections. In addition to direct edits and suggestions, editors will also highlight patterns of required revisions so that students may make similar revisions throughout the narrative. Students will receive an edited version of their manuscript with track changes and in-text comments, along with a query letter and checklist for revisions.

Although editors typically review a manuscript only a single time before the oral defense, on occasion editors will engage the student and committee for a second time. If the manuscript requires such formatting revisions that an edit of the narrative is prohibited, the manuscript will be returned with specific instructions for formatting. If an editor identifies an academic integrity violation, the manuscript will be returned with instructions for revising the narrative.