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WMBA 6020 Fostering a Culture of Innovation: Welcome & Course Readings

Welcome to your course guide

Please find your required library readings below. If you have problems with the links below, please contact the Library. If you have APA questions about these materials, please contact the Writing Center.

WMBA 6020 Required Course Readings

The links are for required readings found in the Walden databases ONLY. For all other readings, see your course resources. 

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Amabile, T., & Kramer, S. (2012). How leaders kill meaning at work. Mckinsey Quarterly, (1), 124-131.

Barsh, J., Capozzi, M. M., & Davidson, J. (2008). Leadership and innovation. Mckinsey Quarterly, (1), 36-47.

Björk, J. (2012). Knowledge domain spanners in ideation. Creativity & Innovation Management,21(1), 17-27. doi:10.1111/j.1467-8691.2012.00627.x

Björk, J., Boccardelli, P., & Magnusson, M. (2010). Ideation capabilities for continuous innovation. Creativity & Innovation Management19(4), 385-396. doi:10.1111/j.1467-8691.2010.00581.x

de Jong, Jeroen P.J., Deanne N. Den Hartog, (2007). "How leaders influence employees' innovative behaviour", European Journal of Innovation Management, 10(1), 41 – 64.

Hamel, G. (2009). Moonshots for management. Harvard Business Review, 87(2), 91–98. 

Hoever, I. J., van Knippenberg, D., van Ginkel, W. P., & Barkema, H. G. (2012). Fostering team creativity: Perspective taking as key to unlocking diversity's potential. Journal Of Applied Psychology97(5), 982-996. doi:10.1037/a0029159

Howitt, M., & McManus, J. (2012). Stakeholder management: An instrument for decision making. Management Services56(3), 29-34.

Jing, Z., & Yanjie, S. (2010). A missing piece of the puzzle: The organizational context in cultural patterns of creativity J. Zhou and Y. Su organization context in cross-cultural creativity research. Management & Organization Review6(3), 391-413. doi:10.1111/j.1740-8784.2010.00192.x

Kim, Yong Se, K., Myung Sook, K., & Wilde, D. J. (2008). Toward the management of design creativity: personal creativity modes, design activity and team interaction. Design Management Journal3(2), 45-52.

Other Readings

Optional or supplemental readings may or may not be available in the library. Find further information about optional readings here.

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