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RSCH 7200 Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis : Welcome & Course Readings

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RSCH 7200 Required Course Readings


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Bartholomew, J., Miller, B., Ciccolo, J., Atwood, R., & Gottlieb, N. (2008). Walk Texas! 5-a-day intervention for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) clients: A quasi-experimental study. Journal of Community Health, 33, 297–303. 

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DeBourdeaudhuij, I., Stevens, V., Vandelanoote, C., & Johannes, B. (2007). Evaluation of an interactive computer-tailored nutrition intervention in a real-life setting. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 33(1), 39–48.

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Homik, R., Jacobsohn, L., Orwin, R., Piesse, A., & Kalton, G. (2008, December). Effects of the national youth anti-drug media campaign on youths. American Journal of Public Health, 98, 2229–2237.

Kickham, K., & Ford, D. A. (2009, Sept./Oct.). Are state marriage initiatives having an effect? An initial exploration of the impact on divorce and childhood poverty rates. Public Administration Review, 69, 846–854. 

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Rodchua, S. (2009). Comparative analysis of quality costs and organization sizes in the manufacturing environment. Quality Management Journal, 16(2), 34–43.

Sanigorski, A. M., Bell, A. C., Kremer, P. J., Cuttler, R., & Swinburn, B. A. (2008, July). Reducing unhealthy weight gain in children through community capacity-building: Results of a quasiexperimental intervention program, Be Active Eat Well. International Journal of Obesity, 32, 1060–1067.

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Villarruel, A., Cherry, C., Cabriales, E., & Ronis, D. (2008, October). A parent adolescent intervention to increase sexual risk communication: Results of a randomized controlled trial. AIDS Education and Prevention, 20, 371–383.

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Weitzman, B., Silver, D., & Brazill, C. (2006, May). Efforts to improve public policy and programs through data practice: Experiences in 15 distressed American cities. Public Administration Review, 66, 386–399.


Other Readings

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