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Data Resources & Support: Social Change Impact Report Datasets

Social Change Impact Report Datasets

What is the Social Change Impact Report Datasets?

The Social Change Impact Report (SCIR) Datasets is a Walden-owned database of research results generated from three online surveys about social change that were conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Walden University in 2011 and 2012. The surveys investigate US and International participants’ views on and experiences with positive social change and/or social action; more specifically, involvement in activities that make improvements in the lives of individuals and communities both locally and around the world.

Who May Request to Use the Social Change Impact Report Datasets?

The SCIR Datasets is available for use by all Walden faculty, students, and staff.  At this time, requests from researchers outside of the University are not accepted.

How to Request the Social Change Impact Report Datasets?

1. Complete the Institutional Approver (IA) Request Form. Instructions about how to complete the form and where to submit it are included in the form itself.
2. Once the IA Request Form has been approved, complete an Institutional Review Board (IRB) application for the proposed research that uses the SCIR Dataset. The Walden IRB application, instructions about how to submit your IRB application, and general IRB guidelines is housed on this CRQ website, and can easily be accessed by clicking on the red IRB button on the home page of the CRQ website.
3. Upon receiving IRB approval, send the following materials to to request the data set:
a. Copy of the completed IA Request Form
b. Copy of the IA request approval
c. Copy of the completed IRB form.
d. Copy of the IRB approval letter
When the three steps outlined above have been completed the SCIR Datasets Coordinator will work with an applicant to release the data that has been requested. Data will be sent as email attachments.


Questions about the SCIR Datasets and how to request access to the datasets should be directed to