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Student Research Support:
Qualitative Methodology Office Hours

Methodology Advice Office Hours for Students

Methodology Advice for students doing qualitative research now offered

Office Hours provide an informal, group advising setting where students may ask questions and receive advice about research methodology at any stage during dissertation or doctoral study research.

Students may ask any questions pertaining to writing a prospectus, proposal, choosing a research design, collecting data, analyzing data, or writing up results. The methodology advisor will provide advice and resources. Since this is a group advising environment, individual students will take turns to ask their questions and receive answers. The advisors may address the questions from two or more students at the same time whenever it is possible, in consideration of the time limit or the long turn-around time of some questions. Students who are waiting for their turn can often learn useful information from listening to other students’ questions. Office Hours are appropriate for brief questions and answers (usually no more than 10 minutes) and the methodologists do not approve or disapprove any studies.


Qualitative Research

Dr. Marydee Spillett is Associate Director and Qualitative Methodology Advisor in the Center for Research Quality. She will respond to student questions about designing or conducting a qualitative study.

Hours are in Eastern time. Convert hours to your time zone.

Office Hours are held in Zoom.

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