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Student Research Support:
Doctoral Methodology Advising

Qualitative Methodology and Data Analysis Support

Qualitative appointments allow students working on their doctoral study or dissertation to have one-on-one sessions with a ORDS methodologist. Students may seek advice on qualitative methodology issues related to both research design (pre-proposal stage) or data analysis and interpretation (post-proposal stage).

Quantitative Data Analysis/SPSS Support

Quantitative data analysis/SPSS Support appointments allow doctoral students working on their project study or dissertation to have one-on-one sessions with a quantitative methodologist. Students may ask any questions pertaining to data analysis. The quantitative methodologists provide assistance in quantitative data analysis, SPSS or interpretation of results for reporting purposes.

Research Design Alignment

Conceptualizing your research plan can be challenging. As a student, you can schedule individual 30-minute research design alignment appointments with a ORDS methodologist. The methodologist will check if your problem, purpose, research questions, and analyses are aligned and will offer suggestions for your research study.


This service is most appropriate for students working on their premise, prospectus, or proposal.

Methodology Advice Office Hours for Students

Office Hours provide an informal, group advising setting where students may ask questions and receive advice about research methodology at any stage during dissertation or doctoral study research. Office Hours are appropriate for brief questions and answers (usually no more than 10 minutes) and the methodologists do not approve or disapprove any studies.

Qualitative Methodology Advice Office Hours

Quantitative Methodology Advice Office Hours

Abstract Review Appointments

Conceptualizing your final abstract for your capstone paper can be challenging. As a student, you can schedule an individual 30-minute abstract review appointment with a ORDS methodologist. Note, that the abstract reviewer will be reviewing your paper against the abstract criteria. The final CAO reviewer may find additional issues beyond the ones identified in the abstract review appointment. 

The best time for scheduling your appointment would be when you submit your full doctoral study or dissertation for URR review. 

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