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READ 6603 Promoting Adolescent Learning Through Writing: Welcome & Course Readings

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READ 6603 Required Course Readings

The links are for required readings found in the Walden databases ONLY. For all other readings, see your course resources.

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Adams, J. (2012). Make Learning Matter for the Multitasking Generation. Middle School Journal, 43(3), 6-12.

Baker, W. P., Barstack, R., Clark, D., Hull, E., Goodman, B., Kook, J., & ... Lang, M. (2008). Writing-to-learn in the inquiry-science classroom: Effective strategies from middle school science and writing teachers. Clearing House: A Journal Of Educational Strategies, Issues And Ideas, 81(3), 105-108.

Barnes, N. (2009). Hands-on writing: An alternative approach to understanding art. Art Education, 62(3), 40-46.

Bosse, M. J., & Faulconer, J. (2008). Learning and assessing mathematics through reading and writing. School Science and Mathematics, 108(1), 8.

Castek, J., & Beach, R. (2013). Using Apps to Support Disciplinary Literacy and Science Learning. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 56(7), 554-564.

Ehret, C., & Hollett, T. (2013). (Re)placing School: Middle School Students' Countermobilities While Composing With iPods. Journal Of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 57(2), 110-119.  

Fernsten, L. A., & Reda, M. (2011). Helping students meet the challenges of academic writing. Teaching In Higher Education, 16(2), 171-182.

Fisher, D., & Frey, N. (2013). A range of writing across the content areas. Reading Teacher, 67(2), 96-101.  

Jewett, P. (2013). Content-area literacy: Recognizing the embedded literacies of science and mathematics. Journal Of Reading Education, 38(2), 18-24.

Jocius, R. (2013). Exploring Adolescents' Multimodal Responses to "The Kite Runner": Understanding How Students Use Digital Media for Academic Purposes. Journal Of Media Literacy Education, 5(1), 310-325.

Peterson, S. S. (2007). Teaching content with the help of writing across the curriculum. Middle School Journal, 39(20), 26-33.

Saddler, B., & Andrade, H. (2004). The writing rubric. Educational Leadership, 62(2), 48-52.

Wilson, M. (2007). The view from somewhere. Educational Leadership, 65(4), 76-80.

Worley, P. (2008). Not just for English classes: Writing skills essential in tech ed today. Tech Directions, 68(2), 17-19.


Other Readings

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