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PSYC 8245 Interpersonal Psychotherapy: Welcome & Course Readings

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PSYC 8245 Required Course Readings

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Anchin, J. C., & Pincus, A. L. (2010). Evidence-based interpersonal psychotherapy with personality disorders: Theory, components, and strategies. In J. J. Magnavita, J. J. Magnavita (Eds.), Evidence-based treatment of personality dysfunction: Principles, methods, and processes (pp. 113-166). Washington, DC, US: American Psychological Association. doi:10.1037/12130-005

Binder, J. L.,  & Betan, E. J. (2013). Essential activities in a session of brief psychodynamic/interpersonal psychotherapy. Psychotherapy, 50(3), 428-432.

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Mallinckrodt, B. (2000). Attachment, social competencies, social support, and interpersonal process in psychotherapy. Psychotherapy Research, 10(3), 239-266. doi:10.1093/ptr/10.3.239

Messer, S. B. (2013).  Three mechanisms of change in psychodynamic psychotherapy: Insight, affect, and alliance. Psychotherapy, 50, 408-412. doi: 10.1037/a0032414

Safran, J. D. (1993). Breaches in the therapeutic alliance: An arena for negotiating authentic relatedness. Psychotherapy, 30(1), 11–24.

Teyber, E., & Teyber, F. M. (2014). Working with the process dimension in relational therapies: Guidelines for clinical training. Psychotherapy, 51(3), 334-341. doi:10.1037/a0036579

Other Readings

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