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PSYC 6775 Strategic Context of Public Management and Leadership: Welcome & Course Readings

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PSYC 6775 Course Readings

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Brown, Trevor et al.  (2006)  Managing Public Service Contracts.  Public Administration Review.  May/June 2006.


All of the items below can be found  in the Doc Sharing section of course page

Ballonoff,  Paul.  (2004)  "On the Failure of Market Failure"  Regulation 22(2). 

Center for Public Productivity. (2005)   A Brief Guide to Productivity Performance. Rutgers University. 

Imperial, Mark.  (2004)   Collaboration and Performance. IBM Center for the Business of Government.

Ingram, Paul and Silverman, Paul.  (2005)  "The New Institutionalism in Strategic Management."

Jaisle, Allen (no date)  ACTS professional principles. 

March, James and Olson, Johan.  (2005)  "Elaborating the New Institutionalism"  Paper presented at the Center for European Studies on March, 2005. 

Mintzberg, Harry.  (1996) “Managing Government/Governing Management” Harvard Business Review.  May-June.

Van Alstyne, Marshall.  (1997)  “The State of Network Organizations”.  Journal of Organizational Computing 7(3).  

Winston, Clifford (2005)   DC: Government Failure vs Market Failure.   Brookings Institute.

Zerbe, Richard and McCurty, Howard.  (2005)  "The End of Market Failure".  Regulation 23(2). 

Other Readings

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