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PSYC 6742 Conflict, Conflict Resolution, and Peace: Welcome & Course Readings

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PSYC 6742 Required Course Readings

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Barry, B., & Robinson, R. (2002). Ethics in conflict resolution: The ties that bind. International Negotiation, 7(2), 137–142.

Barsky, A. (2008). A conflict resolution approach to teaching ethical decision making: Bridging conflicting values. Journal of Jewish Communal Service, 83(2/3), 164–169.

Burr, A. (2001). Ethics in negotiation: Does getting to yes require candor? Dispute Resolution Journal, 56(2), 8–15.

Christie, D., Tint, B., Wagner, R., & Winter, D. (2008). Peace psychology for a peaceful world. American Psychologist, 63(6), 540–552.

Menkel-Meadow, C. (2006). Why hasn't the world gotten to yes? An appreciation and some reflections. Negotiation Journal, 22(4), 485–503.

Ott, M. (1972). Mediation as a method of conflict resolution: Two cases. International Organization, 26(4), 595–618.

Reitz, H., Wall Jr., J., & Love, M. (1998). Ethics in negotiation: Oil and water or good lubrication? Business Horizons, 41(3), 5–14.

Rinehart, M. (1995). Understanding the concept of ‘peace’. Peace & Change, 20(3), 379–396.

Robinson, R., Lewicki, R., & Donahue, E. (2000). Extending and testing a five factor model of ethical and unethical bargaining tactics: Introducing the SINS scale. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 21(6), 649–664.

Stephan, W. G. (2008). Psychological and communication processes associated with intergroup conflict resolution. Small Group Research. 39(1), 28–41.

Volkema, R., Fleck, D., & Hofmeister-Toth, A. (2004). Ethicality in negotiation: An analysis of attitudes, intentions, and outcomes. International Negotiation, 9(2), 315–339.

Other Readings

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