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PSYC 4007 Judgment, Choice, and Decision-Making: Welcome & Course Readings

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PSYC 4007 Required Course Readings


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Chang, C. C., Sanna, L. J., & Asakawa, K. (2001). Cultural variations in optimistic and pessimistic bias: Do Easterners really expect the worst and Westerners really expect the best when predicting future life events? Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 81(3), 476–491. 


Dawes, R. M., Faust, D., & Meehl, P. E. (1989). Clinical versus actuarial judgment. Science, 243(4899), 1668–1675.


Folkes, V. S. (1988). The availability heuristic and perceived risk. Journal of Consumer Research, 15(1), 13–23. 


Han, H., Hsu, L., & Sheu, C. (2010). Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior to green hotel choice: Testing the effect of environmental friendly activities. Tourism Management, 31(3), 325–334.


Heine, S. J., Lehman, D. R. (1995). Cultural variation in unrealistic optimism: Does the West feel more invulnerable than the East? Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 68(4), 595–607. 

Hill, c., Memon, A., & McGeorge, P. (2008). The role of confirmation bias in suspect interviews; A systematic evaluation. Legal & Criminological Perspective, 13(2), 357-371

Hoffrage, U., & Pohl, R. (2003). Hindsight bias [Special issue]. Memory, 11(4/5). - click on the link and select one of the eleven articles from this journal issue.


Kerschreiter, R., Hadt, S., Mojzisch, A & Frey, d. (2008). Biased information search in homogeneous groups: Confidence as a moderator for the effect of anticipated task requirements. Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin, 34(15), 679-697.


Parker, A. M., deBruin, N. B., & Fischoff, B. (2007). Maximizers verses Satisficers: Decision-making styles, competence, and outcomes. Judgment and Decision Making, 2(6), 342–350.

Taylor, S. E., & Brown, J. D. (1988). Illusion and well-being: A social psychological perspective on mental health. Psychological Bulletin, 103(2), 193–210. 

Tetlock, P. E., Peterson, R. S ., McGuire, C., Chang, S. & Field, P. (1992). Assessing political group dynamics: A test of the groupthink model. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 63(3), 403–425.



Other Readings

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