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Office of Student Experiential Learning Services
 | Office of Student Experiential Learning Services

About Us

Our Mission

The Office of Student Experiential Learning Services provides leadership, operational support, and career development expertise to enable programs to provide global and transformative experiences that further students’ development as working professionals. We focus on the development of workplace skills and educate professionals prepared to lead in the global work environment.

Working together, teams from Field Experience Support, Applied Learning Agreements, Global Learning, and Career Planning and Development leverage support and create synergy throughout Walden University to ensure the best possible experience for our students and industry partners.

Applied Learning

The goal of the Office of Student Experiential Learning Services is that all Walden students have the opportunity to engage in applied learning, such as volunteering, internships, research, field experience, or study abroad. Through these transformative experiences, students contribute their knowledge and skills to work settings and communities, and emerge as professionals who are prepared to impact a global workforce.

We provide resources for students to engage in experiential learning and support Walden's social change mission. Strategic volunteer opportunities also allow students to develop valuable workplace skills and professional connections. To learn more about how volunteering can influence overall career success, watch our brief Voices of Social Change video below.

Field Experience Support and Applied Learning Agreements

The Field Experience Support and Applied Learning Contracts teams provide operational, technical, and legal expertise enabling Walden programs to offer applied learning opportunities for students.

Career Planning and Development

Career Planning and Development supports students and alumni in developing workplace skills to thrive as professionals and social change agents in organizations and communities.  To accomplish this mission, we deliver cutting-edge, global career resources and services, and promote applied learning as an essential component of proactive career management.

Global Learning

Global Learning is about providing opportunities for students and faculty to expand their educational horizons through both course- and field-based experiences. Initiatives such as study abroad, international public service and international course exchange allow students and faculty at Walden and throughout the network, to work together toward common goals of gaining competency in global awareness. 

Applied Research

Nonprofit organizations and small businesses are invited to partner with Walden in providing students the opportunity to gain real-life research experience, while at the same time receiving a valuable service for their organization. Here are some examples of applied research in action:

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Walden University Launches New Consulting Capstone in Three Doctoral Programs

Where Business Students Use the Baldrige Framework to Solve Real-World Problems

Supporting positive social change is at the heart of everything we do.


Mary A. Raeker-Rebek, Executive Director of the Office of Student Experiential Learning Services

Mary Raeker-Rebek


Social Change Initiatives

We  support local and global initiatives through volunteerism, internships, and community engagement.  We partner with Walden’s Center for Social Change to engage students in social change efforts. Visit Walden University’s Center for Social Change website to learn more about social impact, scholarly research, and upcoming events.