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NURS 6510 Capstone: Synthesis Practicum II: Welcome & Course Readings

Welcome to your course guide

Please find your required library readings below. If you have problems with the links below, please contact the Library. If you have APA questions about these materials, please contact the Writing Center.

NURS 6510 Required Course Readings


The links are for required readings found in the Walden databases ONLY. For all other readings, see your course resources.

Enter your myWalden user name and password at the prompt.

Albarran, J., & Scholes, J. (2005). How to get published: Seven easy steps. Nursing in Critical Care, 10(2), 72–77.


Cleary, M., & Walter, G. (2004). Apportioning our time and energy: Oral presentation, poster, journal article or other? International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 13(3), 204–207. Not available in the library.

Greggs-McQuilkin, D. (2005). Why join a professional nursing organization? Nursing Management, 36, 19.

Kear, M., & Bear, M. (2007). Using portfolio evaluation for program outcome assessment. Journal of Nursing Education, 46(3), 109–114.

Kearney-Nunnery, R. (2008). Professional nursing organizations. In Advancing your career: Concepts of professional nursing(4th ed.), 433–439. Philadelphia: F.A. Davis Company. Please contact your faculty to get this reading.

Leak, A., & Spruill, A. (2008). Oncology certification: What is in it for you? Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, 12(5), 703–705.

Prowant, B., Niebuhr, B., & Biel, M. (2007). Perceived value of nursing certification—Summary of a national survey. Nephrology Nursing Journal, 34(4), 399–402.

Ulrich, B. (2007). Professional communications: Publications and presentations. Nephrology Nursing Journal, 34(5), 503–508.

Other Readings

Optional or supplemental readings may or may not be available in the library. Find further information about optional readings here.

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