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NMBA 6313 Supply Chain Management: Welcome & Course Readings

Welcome to your course guide

Please find your required library readings below. If you have problems with the links below, please contact the Library. If you have APA questions about these materials, please contact the Writing Center.

NMBA 6313 Required Course Readings


The links are for required readings found in the Walden databases ONLY. For all other readings, see your course resources.

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“Leading a Supply Chain Turnaround,” by Reuben E. Slone, Harvard Business Review, October 2004. 

“Inventory Driven Costs,” by Gianpaolo Callioni, Xavier de Montgros, Regine Slagmulder, Luk N. Van Wassenhove, and Linda Wright, Harvard Business Review, March 2005. 

“It’s all about the Customer,” by Kevin O’Marah, Industrial Management, March / April 2005. 

“Enabling Customization Using Standardized Operations,” by Jayashankar M. Swaminathan, California Management Review, Volume 43, Number 3, Spring 2001. 

“Managing Dirty Data in Organizations using ERP: Lessons from a Case Study,” by Jodi Vosburg and Anil Kumar, Industrial Management & Data Systems, 101/1, 2001, pp. 21-31. 

“Execution: The Missing Link in Retail Operations,” by Raman, Ananth, Nicole DeHoratius and Ton Zeynep, California Management Review, Vol. 43, No. 3, Spring 2001. 

“RFID Technologies: Supply Chain Applications and Implementation Issues,” by Rebecca Angeles, Information Systems Management, Winter 2005, pp. 51 – 65. 

“What Will Drive the Enterprise Software Shakeout?” by Sunil Chopra and Peter Meindl, Supply Chain Management Review, January/February 2003, pp. 50 – 56. 

“The Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chains,” by Hau L. Lee, V. Padmanabhan, Seungjin Whang, Sloan Management Review, Vol. 38, No. 3, Spring 1997. HBSP Product Number: 9-SMR-029. 

“The Triple-A Supply Chain,” by Hau L. Lee, Harvard Business Review, October 2004. 

Other Readings

Optional or supplemental readings may or may not be available in the library. Find further information about optional readings here.

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