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MMSL 6680 Individual and Organizational Commitment to Social Responsibility: Welcome & Course Readings

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MMSL 6680 Required Course Readings


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Ansett, S. (2007). Mind the gap: A journey to sustainable supply chains. Employee Responsibilities & Rights Journal, 19(4), 295–303.

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Guarnieri, R., & Kao, T. (2008). Leadership and CSR—a perfect match: How top companies for leaders utilize CSR as a competitive advantage. People & Strategy, 31(3), 34–41.

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Laff, M. (2009). Triple bottom line: Creating corporate social responsibility that makes sense. T+D, 63(2), 34–39.

Logsdon, J. M. & Lewellyn, P. G. (2000). Expanding accountability to stakeholders: Trends and predictions. Business and Society Review, 105(4), 419–435.

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Peloza, J., & Falkenberg, L. (2009). The role of collaboration in achieving corporate social responsibility objectives. California Management Review, 51(3), 95–113.

Pfeffer, J. (2009). Shareholders first? Not so fast. Harvard Business Review, 87(7/8), 90–91.

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Smith, H. J. (2003). The shareholders vs. stakeholders debate. MIT Sloan Management Review, 44(4), 85–90.

Zadek, S. (2004). The path to corporate responsibility. Harvard Business Review, 82(12), 125–132.

Other Readings

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