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MMPA 6352 Putting Theory Into Practice in Criminal Justice Administration : Welcome & Course Readings

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MMPA 6352 Required Course Readings

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Ammons, D. N. (2013). Signs of performance measurement progress among prominent city governments. Public Performance & Management Review, 36(4), 507–528.

Braddock, R. A. (2011). Rhetoric or restoration? A study into the restorative potential of the conditional cautioning scheme. International Journal of Police Science & Management13(3), 195–210.

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González, T. (2012). Keeping kids in schools: Restorative justice, punitive discipline, and the school to prison pipeline. Journal of Law and Education, 41(2), 281–335.

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Luna, B. (2010, September/October). The process of strategic planning.American Jails, 24(4), 4.

Nalla, M. K., & Boke, K. (2011). What's in a name? Organizational, environmental, and cultural factors on support for community policing in Turkey and the U.S. European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research,17(4), 285–303.

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Schafer, J. A. (2010). Effective leaders and leadership in policing: Traits, assessment, development, and expansion. Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management, 33(4), 644–663.

Shdaimah, C. S., & Wiechelt, S. A. (2012). Converging on empathy: Perspectives on Baltimore city's specialized prostitution diversion program. Women & Criminal Justice, 22(2), 156–173.

Wilson, J. A., & Chapman, G. (2006). Finding common ground: Building consensus among criminal justice stakeholders. Corrections Compendium, 31(4), 7–10.

Other Readings

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