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MMBA 6673 Applications in International Business: Welcome & Course Readings

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MMBA 6673 Required Course Readings


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Ghemawat, P. (2005, December). Regional strategies for global leadership. Harvard Business Review, 83(12), 98–108.

Hahm, S. D., & Heo, U. (2008). U.S. and Japanese foreign direct investment in East Asia: A comparative analysis. Policy Studies Journal, 36(3), 385–401.

Sumner, A. (2008). Foreign direct investment in developing countries: Have we reached a policy "tipping point?" Third World Quarterly, 29(2), 239–253.

Jackson, J. H. (2008). The case of the World Trade Organization. International Affairs, 84(3), 437–454.

Deichmann, U., & Gill, I. (2008, December). The economic geography of regional integration. Finance & Development, 45(4), 45–47.

Baghai, M., Smit, S., & Viguerie, P. (2009, May). Is your growth strategy flying blind? Harvard Business Review, 87(5), 86–96.

Khurana, A. (2006). Strategies for global R&D. Research Technology Management, 49(2), 48–57.

Alexander, M., & Korine, H. (2008, December). When you shouldn't go global. Harvard Business Review, 86(12), 70–77.

Ghemawat, P., & Hout, T. (2008, November). Tomorrow's global giants. Harvard Business Review, 86(11), 80–88.

Blomstermo, A., Sharma, D. D., & Sallis, J. (2006). Choice of foreign market entry mode in service firms. International Marketing Review, 23(2), 211–229.

Huang, E. (2007). Entry to the e-commerce markets of China and Taiwan: An application of content analysis. International Journal of Management, 24(1), 82–91.

Isenberg, D. J. (2008, December). The global entrepreneur. Harvard Business Review, 86(12), 107–111.

Unruh, G. C. (2008, February). The biosphere rules. Harvard Business Review, 86(2), 111–17.

Bovet, D. (2008, November). The supply chain manager as global economist. Logistics Management, 47(11), 37.

Gottfredson, M., Puryear, R., & Phillips, S. (2005, February). Strategic sourcing from periphery to the core. Harvard Business Review, 83(2), 132–139.
Halim, D. (2009, April). Making a near-shore strategy worthwhile: Strategic considerations. World Trade, 22(4), 17.

Kao, J. (2009, March). Tapping the world's innovation hot spots. Harvard Business Review, 87(3), 109–114.

Williams, K. (2008, February 15). International campaigns: A global day in the life. Brand Strategy, 38.

Dutton, G. (2008, March). Do strong ethics hurt US global competitiveness? World Trade, 21(3), 36–41.

Desai, M. A. (2008, July/August). The finance function in a global corporation. Harvard Business Review, 86(7/8), 108–112.

Other Readings

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