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MGMT 8540 Systems Analysis, Design and Implementation: Welcome & Course Readings

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MGMT 8540 Required Course Readings

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Batra, D. (2009). Modified agile practices for outsourced software projects. Communications of the ACM, 52(9), 143–148.

Gilb, T. (2010). What’s wrong with requirements specification? An analysis of the fundamental failings of conventional thinking about software requirements, and some suggestions for getting it right. Journal of Software Engineering & Applications, 3(9), 827–838.

Hadar, I., & Leron, U. (2008). How intuitive is object-oriented design? Communications of the ACM, 51(5), 41–46.

Hataichanok, U., & Dittrich, Y. (2010). Software architecture awareness in long-term software product evolution. Journal of Systems & Software, 83(11), 2211–2226.

Jorgense, M., & Boehm, B. (2009). Software development effort estimation: Formal models or expert judgment? IEEE Software, 26(2), 14–19.

Kajko-Mattson, M., & Nyfjord, J. (2008). A template for communicating information about requirements and their realization. International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists 2008, 1020–1025.

Khan, M. E. (2010). Different forms of software testing techniques for finding errors. International Journal of Computer Science Issues, 7(3), 11–16.

Laanti, M., Salo, O., & Abrahamsson, P. (2011). Agile methods rapidly replacing traditional methods at Nokia: A survey of opinions on agile transformation. Information & Software Technology, 53(3), 276–290.

Mingers, J., & Walsham, G. (2010). Toward ethical information systems: The contribution of discourse ethics. MIS Quarterly, 34(4), 833–854.

Schneidewind, N. F. (2010). Successful application of software reliability: A case study. International Journal of Performability Engineering, 6(6), 531–546.

Seyff, N., Maiden, N., Karlsen, K., Lockerbie, J., Grünbacher, P., Graf, F., & Ncube, C. (2009). Exploring how to use scenarios to discover requirements. Requirements Engineering, 14(2), 91–111.

dos Santos Soares, M., Vrancken, J., & Verbraeck, A. (2011). User requirements modeling and analysis of software-intensive systems. Journal of Systems & Software, 84(2), 328–339.

Stachour, P., & Collier-Brown, D. (2009). You don’t know jack about software maintenance. Communications of the ACM, 52(11), 54–58.

Swain, S. K., Pani, S. K., & Mohapatra, D. P. (2010). Model based object-oriented software testing. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, 14(1/2), 30–36. 

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Witman, P. D., & Ryan, T. (2010). Think big for reuse. Communications of the ACM, 53(1), 142–147.

Other Readings

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