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MGMT 6612 Talent Management: Welcome & Course Readings

Welcome to your course guide

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MGMT 6612 Course Readings

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China Business Newsweekly. (2010, December 15). Towers Watson; Companies worldwide view talent as biggest obstacle to future growth, Towers Watson survey finds. China Business Newsweekly, 11.  Not available in the library

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Gordon, E. E. (2010). Talent challenge: Renewing the vision. T+D, 64(6), 42–47. 

Greenberg, H., & Sweeney, P. (2010). Invest in your best. T+D64(7), 56–59.

Hamid, H. (2010, December 27).Tapping into women's talent. New Straits Times, 2. 

Johnson, M. (2010). Honing a talent for retaining talent. Financial Executive26(5), 20–24.

King, J. (2010). IT Careers 2020. Computerworld, 44(16), 14-19.

O'Neill, H. (2010). New potential in reach for succession technology. Workforce Management89(8), 8. 

Oshima, M., Kao, T., & Tower, J. (2005). Achieving post-outsourcing success. Human Resource Planning, 28(2), 7–11.

Pace, A. (2010). Talent management gaining inches? T+D64(8), 18.

Ready, R. A., & Conger, J. A. (2007, September 15). How to fill the talent gap: Global companies face a perfect storm when it comes to finding the employees they need. Wall Street Journal (Eastern ed.), R1, 4. 

‚ÄčTuckman, B. W., & Jensen, M. A. C. (1977). Stages of small-group development revisited. Group and Organization Studies (pre-1986), 2(4), 419–427.

Other Readings

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