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Library Webinar Archives: Undergraduate


View recordings of previous Walden University Library webinars.

Evaluating resources webinar series

Video: What is this stuff? Identifying Materials in the Walden Library (YouTube) Note: The reference citations used as examples are in APA 6 style.

Recorded May 2018 (32 min 16 sec). 



Video: The Three Ps of evaluation: Primary vs Secondary, Popular vs Scholarly, and Peer Review

Recorded June 12, 2018 (64 min 55 sec). 



Video: What about stuff I find on the Internet? Knowing when to use and trust what you find on the Internet (YouTube)

Recorded August 2018 (59 min 53 sec)



Video: Right resource, right time: How to evaluate Library materials (YouTube)

Recorded July 2018 (45 min 11 sec)

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