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Education Methodology: Education Methodology

SAGE Research Methods Online

The SAGE Research Methods Online database provides access to encyclopedias, journal articles, and books that discuss methodology.

Learn about research methods, design your research study, and explore different methodologies.

Little Green Books: discuss topics in quantitative methodology.
Little Blue Books: discuss topics in qualitative methodology.


SAGE Journals

SAGE also publishes journals with a specific focus on methodology. Many articles in SAGE journals provide analysis of the methodology, instead of simply using it for a study.

Search the SAGE Premier database for articles that discuss your methodology:

Search by method

Want to find examples of articles or dissertations that use a particular method? Use the method term as one of your keywords!


Use terms for the type of qualitative study or the methods used to gather methods:

  • qualitative
  • phenomenological
  • ethnographic
  • grounded theory
  • case study
  • focus group
  • interview


Use terms related to the type of analysis or that describe statistical results:

  • quantitative
  • statistical
  • T-test
  • correlation
  • data
  • variance
  • variable
  • distribution

Mixed Method

These studies may be labeled mixed method or mixed methodology, or they may simply list a qualitative portion and a quantitative portion. You'll need to try searching for either the term mixed method* or for both qualitative and quantitative articles.

Additional methods resources

The Office of Research and Doctoral Services has excellent methodology resources, including informal, drop-in office hours where students may ask questions and receive advice about research methodology at any stage during dissertation or doctoral study research.