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HUMN 8200 Organizing Community Action for Health Promotion and Education: Welcome & Course Readings

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HUMN 8200 Required Course Readings


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Batson, J. (2002). Guiding community-based public health planning in rural New Mexico. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, 8, 47-52. 
Cheadle, A., et al. (2002). Using a participatory approach to provide assistance to community-based organizations: The Seattle Partners Community Research Center. Health Education and Behavior, 29, 383-394.

Frohlich, K. L., Potvin, L., Chabot, P., & Corin, E. (2002). A theoretical and empirical analysis of context: Neighborhoods, smoking and youth. Social Science and Medicine, 54, 1401-1417. 

Kuipers P, Kendall E, Hancock T. Evaluation of a rural community-based disability service in Queensland, Australia. Rural Remote Health,2003;3(1):186.

Higgins, J. W., & Reed, N. (2001). The girl power project -- recreation, BC health goals and social capital. Canadian Journal of Public Health, 92, 448-452.

Sabol, B. (2002). Innovations in collaboration for the public's health through the Turning Point Initiative: The W.K. Kellogg Foundation perspective. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, 8, 6-12. 
Schulz, A. J., Parker, E. A., Israel, B. A., Allen, A., Decarlo, M., & Lockett, M. (2002). Addressing social determinants of health through community-based participatory research: The East Side Village Health Worker Partnership. Health Education and Behavior, 29, 326-341.

Sharma, M., & Deepak, S. (2001). A participatory evaluation of community-based rehabilitation programme in North Central Vietnam. Disability & Rehabilitation, 23(8), 352-358. 

Socolar, R. (2002). Collaboration: The end or the means? Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, 8, 34-35. 


Other Readings

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