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HUMN 8010 Promoting Population Health: Welcome & Course Readings

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Universal Required Course Readings


The links are for required readings found in the Walden databases ONLY. For all other readings, see your course resources.

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Christoffel, K. K. (2000). Public health advocacy: Process and product. American Journal of Public Health, 90, 722-726.

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Lantz, P.M., Viruell-Fuentes, E., Israel, B.A., Softley, D., Guzman, R. (2001). Can communities and academia work together on public health research? Evaluation results from a community-based participatory research partnership in Detroit. Journal of Urban Health, 78, 495-507.

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Markel H. (2001). Journals of the plague years: Documenting the history of the AIDS epidemic in the United States. American Journal of Public Health, 91, 1025-1028.

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Other Readings

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