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HUMN 4003 Measuring Effectiveness of Human Services Delivery: Welcome & Course Readings

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HUMN 4003 Required Course Readings

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Blue-Howells, J., McGuire, J., & Nakashima, J. (2008). Co-location of health care services for homeless veterans: A case study of innovation in program implementation. Social Work in Health Care, 47(3), 219–231.

Blustein, J. (2005). Toward a more public discussion of the ethics of federal social program evaluation. Journal of Policy Analysis & Management, 24(4), 824–846.

Donaldson, L. P. (2008). Developing a progressive advocacy program within a human services agency. Administration in Social Work, 32(2), 25–48.

Duffy, M., & Chenail, R. J. (2008). Values in qualitative and quantitative research. Counseling & Values, 53(1), 22–38.

Giffords, E., Alonso, C., & Bell, R. (2007). A transitional living program for homeless adolescents: A case study. Child & Youth Care Forum, 36(4), 141–151.

Glisson, G. M., Thyer, B. A., & Fischer, R. L. (2001). Serving the homeless: Evaluating the effectiveness of homeless shelter services. Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare, 28(4), 89–97.

Grant, H. M., & Crutchfield, L. R. (2007). Creating high-impact nonprofits. Stanford Social Innovation Review, 5(4), 32–41.

Holosko, M. J., Thyer, B. A., & Danner, J. E. H. (2009). Ethical guidelines for designing and conducting evaluations of social work practice. Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work, 6(4), 348–360.

Kadish, T. E., Glaser, B. A., Calhoun, G. B., & Risler, E. A. (1999). Counseling juvenile offenders: A program evaluation. Journal of Addictions & Offender Counseling, 19(2), 88–95.

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Martin, J. I., & Meezan, W. (2003). Applying ethical standards to research and evaluations involving lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender populations. Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services, 15(1/2), 181–201.

Øyen, E. (2006). Needs. Poverty: An International Glossary, 138–139.

Powell, R. R. (2006). Evaluation research: An overview. Library Trends, 55(1), 102–120.

Ray, M. (2006). Choosing a truly external evaluator. American Journal of Evaluation, 27(3), 372–377.

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Walker, L. (2008). Waikiki youth circles: Homeless youth learn goal setting skills. Journal of Family Psychotherapy, 19(1), 85–91.

Other Readings

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