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HLTH 8435 Health Law and Ethics: Welcome & Course Readings

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HLTH 8435 Required Course Readings

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Appelbaum, P. S. (2007). Assessment of patients' competence to consent to treatment. New England Journal of Medicine, 357(18), 1834–1840.

Callendar, A. N., Hastings, D. A., Hemsley, M. C., Morris, L., & Peregrine, M. W. (n.d.). Corporate responsibility and health care quality: A resource for health care boards of directors.

Cantor, J. (2009). Conscientious objection gone awry—Restoring selfless professionalism in medicine. New England Journal of Medicine, 360(15), 1484–1485.

Gallagher, T. H. (2009). A 62-year-old woman with skin cancer who experienced wrong-site surgery: Review of medical error. JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association, 302(6), 669–677.

Grady, A. (2006). Legal protection for conscientious objection by health professionals. Virtual Mentor, 8(5), 327–331.

Institute of Medicine. (2007). Understanding the causes and costs of medication errors. In Aspden, P., Wolcott, J. A., Bootman, J. L., & Cronenwett, L. R. (Eds.), Preventing medication errors: Quality chasm series (pp. 43–45).

Joint Commission. (2005). Healthcare at the crossroads: Strategies for improving the medical liability system and preventing patient injury [White paper].

Kagawa-Singer, M., & Blackhall, L. J. (2001). Negotiating cross-cultural issues at the end of life: “You got to go where he lives.” JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association, 286(23), 2993–3001.

Nelson, W. A. (2005). An organizational ethics decision-making process. Healthcare Executive, 20(4), 8–14.

Palmer, L., & Hoffman, L. A. (2007). Detecting and preventing substance abuse in health care professionals. Critical Care Alert, 15(1), 5–8.

Pendergast, J. M. (2005). International health care professional migration. Journal of Nursing Law, 10(4), 208–213.

Rosenthal, K. (2004). Where did this patient's I.V. therapy go awry? Nursing, 34(5), 56–57.

Smith, A. K.,  Sudore, R. L., &  Pérez-Stable, E. J. (2009). Palliative care for Latino patients and their families: Whenever we prayed, she wept. JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association, 301(10),1047–1057.

Sudore, R., & Fried, T. (2010). Redefining the "planning" in advance care planning: Preparing for end-of-life decision making. Annals of Internal Medicine, 153(4), 256–261.

Thomas, R., Wilson, D. M., Justice, C., Birch, S., & Sheps, S. (2008). A literature review of preferences for end-of-life care in developed countries by individuals with different cultural affiliations and ethnicity. Journal of Hospice & Palliative Nursing, 10(3), 142–161.

Other Readings

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