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HINF 6115 U.S. Health System: Welcome & Course Readings

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HINF 6115 Required Course Readings

The links are for required readings found in the Walden databases ONLY. For all other readings, see your course resources.

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Anderson, G. F., Hussey, P. S., Frogner, B. K., & Waters, H. R. (2005). Health spending in the United States and the rest of the industrialized world. Health Affairs, 24(4), 903–914.

Committee on Quality of Health Care in America, & Institute of Medicine. (2001). Crossing the quality chasm: A new health system for the 21st century. Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press.

Levy, G., Blumberg, N., Kreiss, Y., Ash, N., & Merin, O. (2010). Application of information technology within a field hospital deployment following the January 2010 Haiti earthquake disaster. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 17(6), 626–630.

Longo, D. R., Hewitt, J. E., Ge, B., & Schubert, S. (2007). Hospital patient safety: Characteristics of best-performing hospitals. Journal of Healthcare Management, 52(3), 188–205.

McFadden, K. L., Stock, G. N., & Gowen, C. R. (2006). Exploring strategies for reducing hospital errors. Journal of Healthcare Management, 51(2), 123–135.

Menachemi, N., Saunders, C., Chukmaitov, A., Matthews, M. C., & Brooks, R. G. (2007). Hospital adoption of information technologies and improved patient safety: A study of 98 Hospitals in Florida. Journal of Healthcare Management, 52(6), 398–410.

Thorpe, K. E., Florence, C. S., Howard, D. H., & Joski, P. (2005). The rising prevalence of treated disease: Effects on private health insurance spending. Health Affairs, 24, 317–325.

Other Readings

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