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FPSY 6215 Controversies in Criminal Justice: Welcome & Course Readings

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FPSY 6215 Course Readings

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Andresen, M. A. (2012). International immigration, internal migration, and homicide in Canadian provinces. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, 54(5), 632–657.

Burscher, B., van Spanje, J. de Vreese, C. H. (2015). Owning the issues of crime and immigration: The relation between immigration and crime news and anti-immigrant voting in 11 countries. Electoral Studies, 38, 59–69.

Garland, D. (2017). Theoretical advances in the sociology of punishment. Punishment & Society, 20(1), 8¬–33.

Hansen, G. V. (2017) “Fathers in Prison” program may create a basis for desistance among Norwegian prisoners. Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, 56(3), 173–187.

Krzan, B. (2016). International Criminal Court Facing the Peace vs. Justice Dilemma. International Comparative Jurisprudence, 2(2), 81–88.

Manikandan, S., & Latha, S. (2017). Employment reduces recidivism: An overview of employment based rehabilitation in India. Indian Social Science Journal, 6(2), 1–8.

Pickett, J. T., Mancini, C., Mears, D. P., & Gertz, M. (2014). Public (mis)understanding of crime policy: The effects of criminal justice experience and media reliance. Criminal Justice Policy Review, 25(5), 500–522.

Ramakers, A. T., Van Wilsem, J. A., Nieuwbeerta, P., & Dirkzwager, A. E. (2016). Returning to a former employer: A potentially successful pathway to ex-prisoner re-employment. British Journal of Criminology, 56(4), 668–688.

Webbibk, D. van Erp, J., & van Gastel, F. (2015). The effect of media exposure of suspects on solving crime. The Economic Journal, 127(March), 547–570.

Other Readings

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