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FPSY 6125 Week 7 Discussion: Week 7 Discussion


Research the laws in your state that apply to juvenile transfer to the adult criminal justice system. Think about how these laws might be applied to specific cases.

Find laws online

The National Center for Juvenile Justice provides an easy way to browse to your state's laws.

On the main page, simply type in your state. For example, Tennessee. 


Finding Statutes in Nexis Uni

Statutes are written laws that have been passed by legislative bodies. Use the following steps to locate information on state statutes and regulations.

1.  Go to  the Library's homepage  and click the Search & Find tab.

2.  Select Databases A-Z.

3.  Scroll down the list of databases and click Nexis Uni.

4.  Enter your search terms into the search box (e.g. "public spending"):

Note: The quotes tell the database that you want exactly those terms you have entered.


5.  Click on the drop-down menu to the right of the search box:


6. In the Category tab, select Statutes and Legislation:


7. Click Search.


Alternatively, try the following method:

1. From the Nexis Uni homepage, click on Get A Doc Assistance:


2. In the By Citation tab, select Statutes and Legislation:

Note: You can also select a more specific category of Statutes and Legislation from the hyperlinked options in this menu.


3. You can select a particular jurisdiction in the Jurisdiction drop-down menu:


4. After making your selections, browse through the list of results below.