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FPSY 5135 Criminal Behavior: Welcome & Course Readings

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FPSY 5135 Course Readings

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Britto, S., & Noga-Styron, K. E. (2015). The belief that guns deter crime and support for capital punishment. Criminal Justice Studies, 28(3), 314–335.

Carpentier, J, Leclerc, B, & Proulx, J. (2011). Juvenile sexual offenders: Correlates of onset, variety, and desistance of criminal behavior. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 38(8), 854-873.

Dearden, T. (2016). Trust: The unwritten cost of white-collar crime. Journal of Financial Crime. 23(1), 87-101.

Foley, B. (2007). Guantanamo and beyond: Dangers of rigging the rules. Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology. 97(4).

Kan, R.R. (2014). Forces of habit: Global SOF’s role in countering illicit drug trafficking. Journal of Strategic Security. 7(2), 19-28.

Mathieu, C., Hare, R. D., Jones, D. N., Babiak, P., & Neumann, C. S. (2013). Factor structure of the B-Scan 360: A measure of corporate psychopathy. Psychological Assessment, 25(1), 288–293. 

Nagin, D. (2014). Deterrence and the death penalty: Why the statistics should be ignored. Significance. 11(2), 9-13.

Neuman, V. (2015). Never mind the metrics: Disrupting human trafficking by other means. Journal of International Affairs. 68(2), 39-53.

Sergie, A. (2015). Divergent mind-sets, convergent policies: Policing models against organized crime in Italy and in England within international frameworks. European Journal of Criminology,12(6) 658.

Turner, J. (2015). Being young in the age of globalization: A look at recent literature on neoliberalism’s effects on youth. Social Justice. 41(4) 8-22.

Varese, F. (2013). The structure of the content of criminal connections: The Russian mafia in Italy. European Sociological Review, 29(5), 899-909.

Other Readings

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