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EDUC 7354 Dynamics of Communication for Impact and Results: Welcome & Course Readings

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EDUC 7354 Required Course Readings


The links are for required readings found in the Walden databases ONLY. For all other readings, see your course resources.

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Chelimsky, E. (2008). A clash of cultures: Improving the ‘‘fit’’ between evaluative independence and the political requirements of a democratic society. American Journal of Evaluation, 29(4), 400–415.

Gibbs, P., & Angelides, P. (2008). Understanding friendship between critical friends. Improving Schools, 11(3), 213–225.

Goodyear, L. (2012). Resources to support ethical practice in evaluation: An interview with the director of the National Center for Research and Professional Ethics. American Journal of Evaluation, 33(3), 459–461.

Greene, J. C. (2010). Serving the public good. Evaluation and Program Planning, 33(2), 197–200.

Henry, G. T., & Mark, M. M. (2003). Beyond use: Understanding evaluation’s influence on attitudes and actions. American Journal of Evaluation, 24(3), 293–314.

Lebeer, J., Birta-Székely, N., Demeter, K., Bohács, K., Candeias, A, A., Sønnesyn, G., Partanen, P., & Dawson, L. (2012). Re-assessing the current assessment practice of children with special education needs in Europe. School Psychology International, 33(1), 69–92.

Morris, M. (2011). The good, the bad, and the evaluator: 25 years of AJE ethics. American Journal of Evaluation, 32(1), 134–151.

Morris, M., & Clark, B. (2013). You want me to do what? Evaluators and the pressure to misrepresent findings. American Journal of Evaluation, 34(1), 57–70.

Onwuegbuzie, A. J., & Combs, J. P. (2011). Data analysis in mixed research: A primer. International Journal of Education, 3(1), 1–25.  Article not available in the library.

Piercey, D. (2010). Why don't teachers collaborate? A leadership conundrum. Phi Delta Kappan, 92(1), 54–56. 

Pluye, P., Grad, R., Levine, A., & Nicolau, B. (2009). Understanding divergence of quantitative and qualitative data (or results) in mixed methods studies. International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches, 3(1), 58–72.

Skolits, G., Morrow, J., & Burr, E. (2009). Reconceptualizing evaluator roles. American Journal of Evaluation, 30(3), 275–295.

Thomas, V. (2010). Evaluation systems, ethics, and development evaluation. American Journal of Evaluation, 31(4), 540–548.

Yarime, M., & Tanaka, Y. (2012). The issues and methodologies in sustainability assessment tools for higher education institutions: A review of recent trends and future challenges. Journal of Education for Sustainable Development, 6(1), 63–77.

Other Readings

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