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EDUC 7221 Leading Research-Based Instructional Practices: Welcome & Course Readings

Welcome to your course guide

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EDUC 7221 Required Course Readings


The links are for required readings found in the Walden databases ONLY. For all other readings, see your course resources.

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Bambrick-Santoyo, P. (2008). Data in the driver’s seat. Educational Leadership, 65(4), 43–46.

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McTighe, J., & Brown, J. (2005). Differentiated Instruction and Educational Standards: Is Detente Possible? Theory Into Practice, 44(3), 234–244.

Mesmer, E., & Mesmer, H. (2008). Response to intervention (RTI): What teachers of reading need to know. Reading Teacher, 62(4), 280–290.

Mokhtari, K., Rosemary, C., & Edwards, P. (2007). Making instructional decisions based on data: What, how, and why. Reading Teacher, 61(4), 354–359.

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Tomlinson, C. (2005). Differentiating Instruction: Why Bother? National Middle School Association.

Tomlinson, C. (2005). Traveling the Road to Differentiation in Staff Development. Journal of Staff Development, 26(4), 8–12.

Other Readings

Optional or supplemental readings may or may not be available in the library. Find further information about optional readings here.

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