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Doctoral Writing Assessment
 | Doctoral Writing Assessment

Writing Assessment:
Assessment Overview

Administered by the Academic Skills Center

“I believe this is a good practice to continue because we need to make sure that our writing is acceptable
before engaging in the intensive dissertation development.”

Steps to Complete the Doctoral Writing Assessment

Step 1: Review the DRWA classroom and instructions

  • The DRWA Doctoral Writing Assessment course is 0 credits, and free of charge
  • You will be enrolled automatically at the beginning of your doctoral program
  • In DRWA Doctoral Writing Assessment, you will write and upload an original academic essay responding to the essay topic
  • The essay topic and assessment rubric are provided in the DRWA Doctoral Writing Assessment course

Step 2: Write and submit your assessment essay

  • This is the only assignment in the DRWA Doctoral Writing Assessment classroom
  • You can find the essay prompt and rubric in the DRWA classroom by navigating to the Course Content, Assignment section link
  • This essay is due by Day 7 (Sunday) of Week 2 at 11:59 pm MST (please adjust for your time zone).

Step 3: Receive your essay score from the Writing Assessment team

  • Essays are scored by a team of anonymous writing assessors from the Center for Academic Excellence.
  • Assessors score essays anonymously during weeks 3 and 4 of the DRWA Doctoral Writing Assessment course.
  • The week after the DRWA Doctoral Writing Assessment course ends, you will receive your essay score via email from Walden Writing Assessment to your email address.
  • Your essay score determines whether you will waive out of both, one, or none of the required Graduate Writing courses, as listed on your program of study.

Step 4: Complete any required Graduate Writing courses

  • Any required writing courses will include Graduate Writing I and/or Graduate Writing II, depending on your assessment essay score.
  • Graduate Writing I and II are 0 credits and students will be enrolled in required writing courses at no charge on their first attempt.
  • You will be automatically enrolled in any Graduate Writing courses along with your program courses the next term, if required.
  • All required Graduate Writing courses must be satisfactorily completed within 1 year of completing the DRWA Doctoral Writing Assessment course.
  • If you receive a U grade in a Graduate Writing course, you will need to enroll in the same course again and be billed at the course’s tuition rate. Receiving a second U grade will result in academic dismissal.