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Writing Assessment:
Scoring Criteria

Administered by the Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services

“I found the Doctoral Writing Assessment requirement process beneficial and crucial to my success at Walden.
You cannot write a dissertation or doctoral capstone if you do not know how to write in a scholarly voice. In addition to learning
how to write in a scholarly voice, students must learn and understand the basic rules of grammar and cite sources properly.
The Doctoral Writing Assessment requirement process is a good starting point for Walden doctoral students.”

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Essay Scoring Rubric

Your Writing Assessment essay will be scored based on the rubric in your DRWA Doctoral Writing Assessment classroom focusing on:

  • Central idea of essay is clear, related to the prompt, and developed
  • Paraphrase and analysis of reading material supports the overall argument
  • Organization of ideas uses a logical structure, clear paragraphs, and appropriate transitions
  • Grammar and mechanics effectively communicates meaning

To view the scoring criteria for each rubric category, visit the DRWA Doctoral Writing Assessment: Essay Score module in your DRWA classroom.

To test out of the required Graduate Writing I and Graduate Writing II courses, you must show mastery of the writing skills represented in the rubric in your DRWA Doctoral Writing Assessment classroom.

If you are required to take Graduate Writing I and/or Graduate Writing II based on your assessment score, you can learn more about the learning outcomes of these courses below.

Top 3 Scoring Criteria FAQs

Who will review and score my essay?
What does my score for my doctoral writing assessment essay mean?
When will I learn my essay score for the doctoral writing assessment?