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OASIS Writing Skills

Writing Essentials (Dissertations and Doctoral Studies):
Writing Essentials (Dissertations and Doctoral Studies)

Contact the Form and Style Editors

E-mail for questions related to the proposal and final study.


  • The Proposal Starter Kit—Students working on the proposal will find a set of resources directed for this stage of the process.  Everything from suggestions for organization and development of the lit review, this Kit provides students with links and resources for everything proposal related in the Writing Center and at Walden.
  • The Final Study Starter Kit—This page offers options for writing support once students have finished collecting data and begun their final draft of the study. These tips and links focus on writing the main areas after the proposal: data analysis, findings, conclusions, and social change.
  • Capstone Webinars—Students can register to attend live sessions or view recordings and download resources for writing all components of the study: abstract, intro, lit review, methods, results, conclusion, preparing for F&S.
  • Office Hours—Students can chat live, 1:1 with an editor and get quick questions answered in real time.  See this page for scheduled hours, as well as check for additional, ad hoc hours.
  • Form and Style website—resources for everything writing for the capstone.  Students can check out our checklist, FAQs, view templates, and get information on writing and APA specifically for the capstone.

Additional Resources

  • What is the Form and Style Review?  Locate information on the Form and Style review, process, and document expectations.
  • Program templates—download the appropriate template for your type of document and program.
  • APA and Writing for the capstone—locate capstone specific Walden writing information and requirements.  Specifically, help with APA for the capstone, table and figure formatting, abstract guidelines, self-editing techniques, and scholarly tone.