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RSCH 7100 Research Theory, Design, and Methods: Week 1

Developing a Research Mindset

This guide is designed to help you familiarize yourself with research terminology and philosophies of science. 

The following links will connect you to encyclopedias which can help give you an understanding of the topics covered in this week's discussions. 


Discussion 1: Research Terminology: Definitions and Distinctions

For this discussion, consult The SAGE Encyclopedia of Social Science Research Methods. Pay special attention to the entries on:

The entry on the Philosophy of Social Science may also be helpful.


Discussion 2: Aligning Philosophies of Science with Research Approaches

Once again, refer to the The SAGE Encyclopedia of Social Science Research Methods. This time, read the entries on the following terms:

Remember to also consult the other assigned readings listed in your online classroom under Week 1 Resources. 



Encyclopedias can be a good way to begin your research or assignments if you are unfamiliar with a term or concept.  They can also be very helpful for discovering theories and theorists related to a topic.

Encyclopedias are found on our Reference Sources page.

Here are the steps to find them:

1. Click Start Your Research in the navigation on the library home page:

2. Click on Encyclopedias & Handbooks.

3. Click on Go to SAGE Encyclopedias and Handbooks

4. You can then Browse the encyclopedias by title or subject area, or search with keywords to find encyclopedia entries on a concept.

Search and browse options in Sage


Please note: while encyclopedias are useful in certain instances, such as gaining a greater understanding of terms, it is important to remember that citing them in a course paper, KAM, thesis, or dissertation is not appropriate.