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NURS 8000 Foundations & Essentials of Doctoral Study in Nursing: Week 1 Discussion

Writing Tips Week 1

Introduction: The Doctor of Nursing Practice


Make sure you start the term off right by reviewing discussion post guidelines, ensuring that your discussion post is clear, knowledgeable, and answers all questions asked in the prompt. Additionally, make sure to review in-text citations, as you’ll need to cite correctly from this week’s learning resources.

Discussion Post Guidelines

Discussion posts: Short and focused responses to a prompt that you share with your peers. While shorter than application papers, discussion posts still use scholarly writing and APA format (including a reference list). Discussion posts should also express your stance on a topic, rather than only including summary.

For more information about discussion post requirements, see the Discussion Posting and Response Rubric in the Course Information area of your course.

To help you start writing, follow these steps:

Read the discussion prompt, noting the purpose of the discussion post, specific requirements (like word count), and formatting.
 Prepare to write by reading all of the course readings for the week and creating a rough outline.

For more tips from the Writing Center in writing your discussion post, click this link.