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Library Webinar Archives: Undergraduate


View recordings of previous Walden University Library webinars.

Undergraduate Webinar Part 1: Your Topic and the Walden University Library

This webinar offers strategies for selecting and defining a manageable topic, and how to use keywords that represent the concepts of your topic to find resources in the library research databases.

Undergraduate Webinar Part 2: Understanding Sources and How to Evaluate

This webinar discusses the most common types of resources you'll encounter. Strategies for evaluating these resources and ensuring that you are citing credible information are covered.

Brainstorming Search Terms

This webinar will explore various places and methods students can use to brainstorm and find keywords in order to help create better database searches.

Evaluating Resources

With all the information available to you, how do you know which type of resource is the most appropriate and reliable for your research? Join us for a webinar that will cover the differences between publication formats, evaluating and choosing information to meet your needs, and identifying primary, secondary, scholarly and popular sources.

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Internet Basics

Learn tips for using the internet—for your Walden courses, the library, and beyond—with web browser tricks, such as managing tabs and windows, bookmarking sites, saving files, and more. This session is aimed at beginners hoping to become more comfortable and productive with navigating the web.

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Search Strategies for New Students

Learn techniques for conducting more precise searches. Includes use of subject indexes, Boolean searching, and citation tools.

Transcript available upon request.

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See also

Learn about search strategies and organizational tools and explore other relevant topics: