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DDS Frequently Asked Questions

Get full text with DDS

Looking for articles or book chapters that the Library doesn't have? You may be able to request the full text for free through Document Delivery Service (DDS).

Students working on a dissertation, doctoral study, or project study are eligible if enrolled in an approved course. See the list of courses for DDS to see if you qualify. All other students should Ask a Librarian for help finding articles or book chapters.

Faculty working on research for Walden University can contact Ask a Librarian to connect with a subject specialist and discuss options.

DDS guidelines

  • Delivery time for DDS items is 7-10 business days.
  • DDS is always free to you. However, there is a $55 price cap (cost to the Walden Library) on all requests. We reserve the right to cancel any request that will cost more than $55.

  • There is a 30 article per lifetime limit on the number of free articles or book chapters that you can receive.

  • DDS items are digital copies (PDFs). We do not send hard copies of books or articles.

  • Due to copyright restrictions, we cannot deliver entire e-books and fill only one book chapter per request. If you need more than three chapters, contact Ask a Librarian for help with alternative access methods.

  • Our ability to fill your request may be limited by the availability of the requested document in our partner libraries.

  • Providing incomplete citation information may invalidate your request. For articles, include the journal and article title, author, volume, issue number, year, and the page numbers. For book chapters, include the book and chapter title, author and/or editor, year, and chapter page numbers.

  • Once a request is filled, you will get an email that the document is available. The document is only available for 30 days from the day it is received through DDS. After 30 days, the document is dropped from the DDS server due to licensing restrictions. It is your responsibility to print or download a copy of the document if you would like to access it beyond the 30 days.

Alternative full text

Tell us about your topic. We can recommend search strategies to help you find materials that are available in immediate full text.