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Webinars: Strategies for Success

Welcome to the Writing Center

Looking for help with your academic writing or ways to take your writing to the next level? In this webinar, we explore how to use the Writing Center and share resources and services for students of all writing skills, degree levels, and programs.

What Is Academic Writing?

Join us for a high-level overview of academic writing—what it is, where it's found, and why it's useful. Students in their first courses will find it useful to review the purpose of writing assignments and strategies for writing success. Learn how to make the most of your writing at Walden!

An Inside Look at Writing Center Paper Review Appointments

Are you interested in improving your writing skills and receiving individualized feedback on the writing you do in your coursework at Walden? The Writing Center’s paper review appointments are for you! Join the Writing Center for an inside look at our paper review appointments. Learn the process for scheduling an appointment, what to expect in your writing appointment, and how to make the most of your paper review. After this webinar you will more fully understand both the process and the benefits of paper review appointments, allowing you to easily make an appointment today!

Note: Paper review appointments are available for all undergraduate and master’s students and all preproposal doctoral students working on their premise or prospectus. For more information, review our paper review policies.

Doctoral students writing their final study are not eligible for paper review appointments and we instead invite you to visit the Form and Style website and the Walden Capstone Writing Community!

Strategies for Understanding Walden Assignment Prompts

Confused, overwhelmed, anxious: These are words students use to describe how they feel when first reading a prompt for a new assignment. In this webinar, we discuss the three common sections of Walden assignment instructions and how to get started with understanding the prompt. Students learn and practice strategies for demystifying writing requirements..

Plagiarism Prevention: The Three Components to Avoiding Plagiarism

Plagiarism can be an intimidating concept for many student writers. Everyone wants to avoid plagiarism, but it can be unclear what exactly plagiarism is and how to avoid it. Join the Writing Center for our three ways to avoid plagiarism in your writing. In this session you'll learn how to identify plagiarism, but then practical ways to avoid plagiarism in your own writing.

Academic Writing for Military Students

Audience: Veterans or students currently in the military

As a part of the military, you bring a lot of experience to your education. Watch this webinar to explore ways you can use this experience in your academic writing, as well as tips for transitioning from writing for the military to writing in academia. We will also discuss the appropriate APA format for referencing common military sources.

Note: This webinar recording uses APA 6 for it's APA instruction.

Remember to also connect with Walden's Military Services!