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Academic Skills Center
Academic Skills Center
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Anastasia Gray, BA


Anastasia Gray

Anastasia Gray

"Be a strong advocate for yourself. Don’t be afraid to communicate your needs and reach out for assistance with your academic journey. Practice positive self-talk to combat feelings of inadequacy."

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Current Walden Program: Master of Science in Psychology with an emphasis in Educational Psychology

Education: BA Communications

Professional Goals: Post-Master’s Online Teaching in Psychology Certificate and pursuit of a doctoral degree in Educational Psychology.

Location: Nevada (Pacific Time Zone)

Hobbies and Interests: Hiking, skiing, equestrian events, and other outdoor activities. Binge watching television series, reading, cooking, live music, and spending time with friends and family.

Family and Pets: I’ve been married for 24 years to my enterprising and supportive husband, and we have one daughter who recently graduated college. We enjoy living on our urban ranch and caring for our dogs, horses, and miniature donkey.

My Doctoral Journey

My Academic Journey

Why did you choose Walden University?

Returning to school as a non-traditional student can be intimidating. Walden’s online curriculum felt approachable and their technology is very user friendly.

What has been your favorite class at Walden (to date) and why?

Educational Psychology. I loved learning about the various factors involved in learning and analyzing the influences that impact education.

What have you learned about yourself so far on your academic journey?

I have been enlightened by my enjoyment in learning. As an undergrad, coursework and activities felt like a chore, but my experience as a grad student has been the opposite. I am interested in my class readings and resources, motivated by class discussions, and I take pride in my academic achievements.

My Mentorship Experiences

My Mentorship Experiences

Who is your academic, professional, or personal mentor? Why has this person been so important to you?

I have several friends who have served as an inspiration in my return to school later in life. They have provided the encouragement that I needed to put myself first and embark on my new journey.

What is a fear or anxiety you had about starting school that you no longer have?

I was worried about my academic abilities after taking time off from school and if I would be able to handle the course load.

Why did you want to be a peer mentor?

I’m excited to connect with other Walden students, offering support and encouragement to foster their learning success.

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