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Webinars: Undergraduate Students


These webinars deal with writing topics unique to undergraduate students or were created specifically for undergraduate students. Undergraduate students will benefit from webinars in other categories as well.

The webinars in this category are appropriate for Walden's undergraduate students.

Technical Note: When you open a recording, please press the play icon to start the recording. If the PowerPoint slides don’t display, you may need to open an alternative version of the recording by selecting “switch to classic view.” The recording will re-open in your browser. If it does not, open the recording in a different browser (e.g., Firefox or Microsoft Edge).

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Scholarly Writing for Undergraduate Students

Learning to write at the college level will be key to your success at Walden. In this session, we have outlined the top skills we wish all students knew; come hear our tips for succeeding in your writing assignments!

Meet and Exceed: The Academic Writing Expectations (AWE) and You

The undergraduate academic writing expectations (AWE) help students build their writing skills gradually with each course level. Using the AWE framework, we will analyze student examples at each level and discuss practical improvement strategies. After attending this webinar, you will feel ready to meet—and exceed—these writing standards.

Other Relevant Webinar Categories

Undergraduate students can benefit from webinars in many of our other categories, including the following:

  • Strategies for Success: These webinars provide an introduction to Writing Center and Walden resources to help you succeed, as well as introductory webinars to academic writing.
  • Scholarly Writing: Find webinars to help you in all aspects of the writing you do at Walden, from the writing process to paragraphs.
  • Grammar: Brush up on your grammar skills with our webinars about sentence structure and our tips for revising your writing for grammar.
  • Practical Skills: These sessions provide a practical approach to writing topics, asking you to practice and develop your skills throughout the webinar.