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Webinars: Practical Writing Skills

Incorporating Analysis and Synthesis

Analysis and synthesis are two of the more difficult components to include in academic writing, but at the same time are also two of the most essential. But what are analysis and synthesis and how do you include it in your writing? In this webinar learn what we mean by analysis and synthesis, common problems and oversights, and strategies for integrating them into writing. Students will engage in several analysis and synthesis exercises in this hands-on session.

Paraphrasing Source Information

Join us for a discussion of what paraphrasing is and tips for paraphrasing. In the second half of the session, you will be asked to practice so you can walk away confident in your paraphrasing skills.

Writing Strong Thesis Statements

An essential component of academic writing is a thesis statement, whether you are writing a discussion post or a course paper. Join this session to solidify your knowledge of thesis statements with a focus on practicing creating your own thesis statement.

Using and Integrating Quotations

Learn the best way to use and integrate quotes in your academic writing in this interactive webinar. In the first half of this webinar you'll learn the basic principles for incorporating quotes into your writing, and then in the second half you'll practice integrating quotes so you can master this writing skill.

You can find more details about punctuation within quotes, like capitalization, on our Capitalization in Quotations page.