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Webinars: Graduate Students

Writing at the Graduate Level

We are not born knowing how to write academically, and you did not enter graduate school knowing how to write like a graduate student. After all, writing is a learning process. This session will discuss the characteristics of scholarly writing, giving you strategies to elevate your writing to graduate school expectations.

Academic Writing for Master's Students

Beginning a master’s degree can be a daunting task. You not aren’t just learning about a field, but are becoming a part of the field you are studying, engaging in more advanced research and writing within your field. In this webinar you’ll be introduced to the how the Writing Center can help you with your writing along the way.

Literature Review and Annotated Bibliography Basics

Wonder what constitutes a literature review in a course paper? Confused about how this review differs from an annotated bibliography? This webinar addresses the basic elements of these two assignments and what it means to synthesize and evaluate your scholarly sources.

Writing Literature Reviews in Your Graduate Coursework

Are you writing a literature review in one of your master's or doctoral courses? This webinar is for you! Literature reviews often require a large amount of research and organization as you collect multiple perspectives on a topic and synthesize them together. In this webinar, you'll learn tips for how to successfully write a literature review for your courses.

Note: This webinar will not address literature reviews in doctoral capstones (dissertations and project studies). To learn about literature reviews in doctoral capstones, see the webinar "Reviewing the Literature and Incorporating Previous Research," as well as the Doctoral Capstone Form and Style website.

Essential Elements for Writing Annotated Bibliographies

This session discusses the do's and don'ts of annotated bibliographies using examples. This session is relevant for any graduate students who will be or have completed an annotated bibliography as part of their course work or in preparation for a doctoral capstone study. We also explain how annotated bibliographies can be used by all writers as a way to take notes and organize research. If you are currently writing or will write a large research paper, this is the webinar for you!

Writing Major Assessments in Education Programs

Major assessments are required components of some education programs, but they require a specific writing style to complete. In this session, we will provide tips for writing successfully in your major assessments.

Writing the KAM & LA

Learn how to write the KAM and LA, types of papers unique to Walden. We'll cover these papers' purposes, as well as approaches to writing them and resources you should use.