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Withdrawal from a Field Experience Course

Because of your on-site commitment in field experience, policies and procedures for withdrawal from a field experience course are different from the other courses in your program. If you wish to withdraw from a field experience course, you must first consult with your faculty and site supervisors about discontinuing the field experience with the site and ethically terminating the counseling relationship with your clients. You and your site supervisor will also be asked to complete a Field Experience Discontinuation/Site Termination form to document the circumstances surrounding your withdrawal. Your request to withdraw will then require field experience academic coordinator approval. Upon approval, field experience operations staff will submit the request to withdraw to the Registrar for pracessing as of the date of the initial request. If you do not follow this policy, you may be subjected to earning a U grade in the course.

Termination From a Field Experience Site

If you are terminated from a field experience site, you should notify your faculty supervisor and the SOC-OFE immediately. If you are terminated because of poor performance, lack of counseling skills, poor professional behavior, or other reasons identified by the site, you will automatically earn a U grade in the course and will be required to participate in a student support plan (development and/or skills, depending on the concerns) prior to re-enrolling in field experience. All student support plans will be designed to support your individual needs. The purpose of this policy is to support your academic and professional growth (see Evaluating Student Competency).

Repeating a Field Experience Course

If you do not complete a quarter of field experience satisfactorily (e.g. dropping or withdrawing from the course or earning a U grade), you will need to repeat the course. Students who fail a required course twice will be dismissed from the university.

You must apply in Meditrek® for each quarter of enrollment of field experience, including to request to retake a field experience course following a drop, withdrawal, or U grade. You are expected to initiate contact with the SOC-OFE for assistance with retaking or re-enrolling in a field experience course.

Note: If you do not complete a field experience course satisfactorily (i.e., you drop, withdraw, or earn a U grade in the course), the hours accrued during that term will be forfeited. Only hours earned during terms of field experience that are successfully completed will be counted toward the total hourly requirements of the program (except only in cases of a field experience extension).