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Doctoral Internship Application Requirements

The doctoral internship application is also submitted in Meditrek®, with some forms completed in the system, and other documents completed outside of Meditrek and uploaded into the system. Before starting a doctoral internship application, review the doctoral internship requirements in Section 4. Participating in Field Experience. You should start planning and preparing for your internship early, and you will also receive guidance and support in completing your Individual Internship Plan and application from your practicum faculty supervisor while enrolled in the doctoral practicum course. Helpful information about applying for the doctoral internship is also available on the SOC-OFE website.

Documents to Upload in MeditrekĀ®

Individual Internship Plan

Your Individual Internship Plan outlines the experiences you will complete to meet your doctoral internship requirements. You will list each of the experiences that you plan to engage in for your internship and describe how those experiences fit with the CACREP standards for their domain. The Individual Internship Plan is available for download on the SOC-OFE website.

Note: Only placements that have been secured may be included in your Individual Internship Plan (you must have completed any application process required for the placement and it must have been formally offered to you and confirmed).

Internship Learning Agreements

You will need to submit an Internship Learning Agreement for each non-Walden field site listed on your Individual Internship. You will need to provide a copy of your Individual Internship Plan to your site contact, and work with them to complete the Internship Learning Agreement for upload to your Meditrek® application. The Internship Learning Agreement is available for download on the SOC-OFE website.

Note: Internship Learning Agreements are NOT required for Walden in-house internship experiences.

Clinical Supervision Contract

If you elect to participate in a Counseling domain experience for your internship, you will need to submit a Clinical Supervision Contract. The Clinical Supervision Contract outlines the requirements for Counseling experiences in the PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision program and allows you to provide information about your clinical supervisor’s credentials. You will review and work with your clinical supervisor to complete the Clinical Supervision Contract for upload to your Meditrek® application. The Clinical Supervision Contract is available for download on the SOC-OFE website.

Note: Clinical Supervision Contracts are required ONLY for Counseling domain experiences.